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People I've Loved

People I've Loved started in 2011 when Carissa Potter created a stationery line that would bridge the gap between people by helping them have authentic and sometimes difficult conversations. Giving in to nostalgic thoughts on the past, buried longings, and hopes for the future, People I've Loved's product line embraces the whole range of emotions. We are “in search of the miraculous” yet tragic definition of what it means to exist. And feel that we should make time to share it.

About The Founder

Carissa Potter

Owner & Illustrator

About Carissa Potter

Carissa Potter lives and works in Oakland, California. Her prints and small–scale objects reflect her hopeless romanticism through their investigations into public and private intimacy. Speaking both humorously and poignantly to the human condition, Carissa’s work touches chords we all can relate to – exploring situations we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives and conveying messages we simply long to hear.

Carissa Potter


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