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About the Brand

Pieces by Ellie

Pieces by Ellie is a brand that explores the journey of self discovery through fashion and reiki energy. Pieces by Ellie showcases its many collections each holding messages and intentions that people can resonate with on a deep level.

Pieces by Ellie's Breath Pieces was created by Founder, Ellie during her time exploring the world of trauma-informed yoga. Taking sketchs designed from the movement of the experience of the breath and turning it into a piece of jewelry allow us to see what our breath and all the energies within us may look like if they were 3-dimensional.

As an abstract artist, Ellie also has a collection where she merges the two mediums of resin and her canvas paintings to create earrings and necklaces, or rather, wearable art. These paintings are each created through the emotions that emerge amidst human experience.

Ellie is also a certified Reiki Practioner offering Reiki & Sound Healing Sessions.

Pieces by Ellie's mission is to share the beauty of the imperfectly perfect qualities that we each hold.

You can also explore the natural connection showcasing the mirror of the human and nature with her natural collection. This collection holds flowers and plants with resin to encapsulate its beauty.

Each collection is infused with a specific intention, reiki energy, and an individual message that you can explore on your own journey.

About The Founder

Ellie Polsky

Founder, Jewelry, Healer

About Ellie Polsky

Hi! I'm Ellie, the Founder & Jeweler of Pieces by Ellie and a certifed Reiki Practioner.

I started this brand during the height of quarantine when I was faced with the darkness from within, in need of guidance and healing. I discovered the power that art, reiki, and mindful breathing can have in channeling and moving energy. I started to see things more clearly and everything began to shift. Since starting Breath Pieces I’ve discovered my purpose and I have not looked back since. Just as I was in need of guidance, I am here to guide and heal those that cross my path. You are reading this as you have been divinely led to Pieces by Ellie for a reason. Let's step into our power, together!


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