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About the Brand

Polished Prints

Polished Prints is a lifestyle goods line created by a mom of three for women and kids everywhere. The intention is simple: to create purposeful designs that help you feel seen, reflect your values, and inspire you to feel your best each and every time you wear them.

About The Founder

Leah Longueville

Founder + CEO

About Leah Longueville

Leah Longueville is a mom-of-three, graphic designer, and the founder of Polished Prints - a lifestyle goods line for women and children.

Leah Longueville


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"My 5 year old niece recently was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and has to go to a lot of hospital appointments at the moment which she hates. I gifted her the Brave Girls Club tee to wear to her appointments to remind her how brave she is, and according to her it gives her superpowers and makes the injections less painful. Thank you for helping this little girl through some tough days"

Miss N.R.

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