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Pottery with a Purpose

Pottery with a Purpose promotes individual + community well-being through a thoughtfully curated line of eco-conscious, DIY home pottery sculpting kits that invite creativity + mindfulness anytime, anywhere - all while giving back to mental health initiatives. We curate + deliver the equivalent of a hands-on, tech-free “pause” button straight to your doorstep. With the help of beginner-friendly instructions, design, create + decorate various pottery pieces to enjoy (or gift!) for years to come.

About The Founder

Samantha Hoff

Founder, Owner, Everything-er

About Samantha Hoff

Samantha Hoff’s own lifelong battle with anxiety + corporate burnout is a familiar one. Originally working as a data analyst, she eventually realized the world of tech wasn’t where she wanted to spend her time, + didn't align with her values. Sam found an outlet in working with clay. In hopes of sharing the healing power of pottery with others, she established PwaP, to deliver the same creative benefits through sustainably-packaged DIY kits containing everything necessary for at-home clay play.

Samantha Hoff



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"Best Gift Ever: Got the deluxe as a gift for a friend + they have not stopped raving about it! Everything is so cute + well thought out. The seller even checked in to confirm whether or not I wanted to add a little note to the order. 10/10 would recommend :)"

Mariya S.

"So many little extras that make this an extra wonderful experience: I love the idea of make-at-home pottery + this exceeds expectations. It's so relaxing + at the end you've made something functional. I can see myself sending these as gifts, not only for bdays but also for get-well presents or if someone's in a slump."

Laura A.

"Must buy to get your hands dirty and take a mental break!: Such a great way to connect with friends, family and colleagues! This is something for all ages and gets your creative juices flowing. Great with a glass of wine and some good company!"

Jess K.

"So much fun to unplug and create!: This was my first pottery experience and it was so fun to unplug, step away from technology and get creative! I started out by making pinch pots and it was so fun I already ordered a subscription to make more pieces!"

Julia A.

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