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Precious Dreams Foundation

Precious Dreams Foundation was founded in 2012 by Nicole Russell and Angie Medina. It was founded in response to a recognized need for sleep support and mental health awareness for young people in foster care and homeless shelters. They knew that by providing sleep support, bedtime comfort tools, and teaching positive reinforcement methods, they could empower children everywhere to self-comfort and focus on their dreams.

About The Founder

Nicole Russell

Founder & Executive Director

About Nicole Russell

Nicole Russell is a bestselling author and lead advocate for mental health and the well-being of children. She serves as Co-Founder and Executive Director of Precious Dreams Foundation, the non-profit empowering youth in foster care and homeless shelters to self-comfort and prepare for brighter futures. Russell uses her non-profit and creative tools to serve and advocate for youth through every aspect of her career.

Nicole Russell


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