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About the Brand

Puebla York

Puebla York was founded in 2019 with inspiration from Mexico and NYC. Focusing first on ethically-sourced products, Puebla York aims to satisfy our sense of belonging.

This year, culinary travel curation for Japan and Mexico were added as a service. A love of travel and food combined with many years of working in the restaurant industry, motivated Sequoia to provide a service that was needed for the mindful and food-focused traveler.

About The Founder

Sequoia Armstrong


About Sequoia Armstrong

Sequoia was born and raised on Maui, HI. Her childhood summers were spent visiting family in Japan. Sequoia has lived in four countries and numerous cities.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, her experience in the restaurant industry and profound love for Mexico led her to found Puebla York. She loves traveling, learning languages, and mezcal.

Sequoia Armstrong


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“If you're traveling to Oaxaca, you owe it to yourself to work with an expert like Sequoia! My wife and I chose the "Immerse Fully" package for our honeymoon, and Sequoia scheduled incredible experiences for us such as a mezcal tasting and a market food tour. Her advice made our honeymoon an experience we'll never forget, we felt like we had a local with us. We will definitely work with her again when we plan a trip to Japan next year!”


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