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About the Brand

Red Moon

Red Moon is transforming period wellness for women and people everywhere. We’re committed to changing common attitudes and misconceptions about reproductive needs and helping people take better care of their own— naturally. Our innovative period products are infused with CBD for a natural alternative for your period discomforts so you can enjoy a healthier flow with only clean and natural ingredients.

About The Founder

Alison Ferrell

Founder & CEO

About Alison Ferrell

Red Moon founder Alison's journey with period wellness began with her endometriosis symptoms. She struggled for years to get a proper diagnosis, and even longer afterward to find an effective treatment. It wasn't until Alison tried CBD for her symptoms did she finally find life-changing relief and no longer felt like a victim of her own body. Passionate about helping others with their own periods, Alison combined her two passions - period wellness and CBD - to create Red Moon.

Alison Ferrell


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