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About the Brand

Redhook Dreams LLC

Our company produces stoneground sunflower seed butters using organic sunflower seeds. Our butters are free of: peanuts/nuts, soy, dairy, gluten and most food allergens. Our butters are vegan, plant-based and paleo. We take several steps to be environmentally friendly; using local ingredients, glass jars and compostable packaging.

About The Founder

Eva Rodriguez

Founder & Owner

About Eva Rodriguez

Hi my name is Eva Rodriguez; the creator of Redhook Dreams Sunflower Seed Butter and owner of Redhook Dreams LLC. After years of experimenting in the kitchen, and dealing with my own food allergies and sensitivities, I fell in love with sunflower seed butter! I created a sunflower seed butter with the best ingredients, in their purest form, for myself and thought it might be something others might enjoy and appreciate.

Eva Rodriguez


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“I love this stuff! I’ve been wanting to try sunflower seed butter. And I’m too lazy to make my own. Tastes great and no junk added…"


Etsy customer
“Best sunflower seed butter I’ve ever had And I am picky Nice color to it as well”


Etsy customer
“We’ve been looking for a good seed butter since my wife developed a peanut allergy two years ago, and we’ve found the best one yet. Great flavor and texture; not oily at all, no mixing required. Fast shipping, too. Thank you!”


Etsy customer

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