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Salty Box Co.

Who is your person? The person who gets the true unadulterated you. Salty Box Co. is your gifting solution for that person. We are dedicated to spreading love and laughter while keeping it real and adding some much-needed flavor to the gifting world. Choose from one of our professionally curated gift boxes or scroll through our wide assortment of products and build a gift box of your own to fit your budget and style. We’re not your granny’s gifting company (unless your granny is a total badass).

About The Founder

Sarah Vega & Dalana Fryman


About Sarah Vega & Dalana Fryman

Sarah and Dalana are past co-workers, turned friends, turned business partners. As their professional worlds weaved in and out over the years, they stayed connected by sending each other awesome gifts they knew the other would appreciate. It became a tradition, a way to celebrate life’s milestones. When they realized there wasn’t a one stop shop for gifting with their sensibilities (read: unique, sassy, pretty and hilarious), they were inspired to remedy that. Thus, Salty Box Co. was born.

Sarah Vega & Dalana Fryman


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I built my own box as a gift for my best friend. There are so many items to choose from that are so fun and whimsical. I will definitely be using Salty a box again! Highly recommended!


Back in the day we used to make mix tapes for our friends to cheer them up. This is the grown up equivalent. I sent one to my college best friend as a just because and it 💯 made her day. Her favorite part, the hand written card.


Putting a gift box together is one of my favorite things! Thank you ladies for making gift giving so easy and fun 💝


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