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About the Brand

Serenade Chocolatier

Full of passion, our small team hand makes every delicious piece of chocolate! We've been sharing our love for chocolate since 1987 by creating confections with the best, freshest ingredients. In our store in Brookline Village we make small batch confections of 60 different varieties including many vegan options.

About The Founder

Nur Kilic


About Nur Kilic

Nur has been a part of the Brookline community since 1987. She attended northeastern and left with a mechanical engineering degree. Before she was fixing her own chocolate machines she worked for general electric. Deciding to pursue her passion for sweets she opened Serenade in 1987. With help from her mentor, affectionately known as Uncle Bill, Nur found her niche in Viennese-style confections. Since then she has blended the classic style with new flavors like pistachio and passion fruit.

Nur Kilic


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