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Soul SiSTAR Mystique feat. Aromachaura

Soul SiSTAR Mystique feat. Aromachaura is a brand that takes oracle card insights and perfumery to an intentional level. Each perfume, brand specific or custom to the client, is Reiki-Infused and created with love. The intention of how someone wants to feel when wearing the perfume is important. Aromachaura consists of 12 scents and also custom scent blends. Custom blends are created at people’s homes or on the spot at events by asking questions and figuring out one’s intention. The oils that are used combine fragrance oils and all natural oils depending on what the client is seeking. Herbs and crystals are also added to the alchemy to help enhance the vibration of the perfume formulation. Another component of my business is to provide clients with Oracle Card insights. I like to describe Oracle card insights as a way for me to provide insight and guidance for those seeking support and healing. The readings are geared to help people align with their highest timeline for their highest good. All aspects and components of Soul SiSTAR Mystique feat. Aromachaura are to support people on their personal healing journeys. It is always a blessing when the perfume created brings my clients comfort or when they are reminded of someone they love that has ascended. It's a powerful way to build a spiritual bridge and keep people connected.

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L'lia (Eye-lee-uh) Thomas


About L'lia (Eye-lee-uh) Thomas

AstroElemental Arts Ed Alchemist

L'lia (Eye-lee-uh) Thomas



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The custom blend L’lia created for me was incredibly special. It reflected both my partner and myself and was made specifically for cleansing our new home. It had very personal notes based on each of us - our personalities, history, and goals. The scent was spot on and also smells just divine. This experience warmed our hearts and filled us with deep appreciation. The time L’lia spent with us was personal and so enjoyable. We love her and the unique scent she created for us and our home.

Jennifer P.

Artist, Educator, Mom
Creating my personal blend was so much fun that I completely lost track of time in smelling all of the scents, first individually and then as various pairings to help identify which ones I wanted to use. I really loved the inclusion of astrology and Oracle Card reading to the experience, like my blend, it was a well-balanced multi-layered experience unlike anything I'd experienced before or since

Bryan L.

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