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Stephanie Marie Marketing

Stephanie has over a decade of experience in marketing, specializing solely in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This laser focus enables her to provide the highest level of service and the most impactful results specific to the needs and budget of each individual client, whether that’s increasing website traffic, improving bounce rate and keyword ranking, enhancing customer acquisition, or providing clients with the tools needed to build a significant competitive advantage. She performs full website audits, identifies top keywords, improves search engine rankings, pinpoints SEO errors, and so much more.

About The Founder

Stephanie Long

Founder & CEO

About Stephanie Long

Stephanie has over a decade of experience in marketing, specifically focusing on SEO. She saw a need in the market for a company to solely focus on SEO, which is why she started her company.

Stephanie Long


I hired Stephanie to do a total SEO audit and review our organization’s B2B website. We knew we had made progress on our own getting the traffic we wanted but also saw in our Google stats we were receiving a lot of unwanted hits, instead of the traffic we wanted. Stephanie worked with our content team to review and implement Significant SEO changes. WOW! It made a meaningful difference in the increase in the number of cold inquiries from our target audience that we receive through our content ma

Wendi Pickerel

Global Executive Director
I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie in a client/freelancer capacity during my time at Vidzu Media. During our collaboration she consistently demonstrated her exceptional skills and expertise in the field of search engine optimization (SEO), leaving a lasting positive impact on our company. It is evident that she possessed an impressive depth of knowledge in troubleshooting website errors and implementing effective SEO strategies.

Meaghan Anselm

Production Manager
We’ve been working with Stephanie for over a year now, and in that short amount of time, her efforts with our site have already increased our traffic by over 30% and helped us grow significantly on the platforms that we link out to. I have also recommended her to several of my clients, who are raving about the magic she's worked on their sites and are thrilled to be working with her. She's incredibly knowledgeable and is clearly passionate about all the ins and outs of SEO management.

Becky Kilimnik

Podcast Host
Stephanie has been a great asset to our company. We started seeing results right away. We have over a 313% increase in new users compared to last year. Keywords that we want to trend for have increased 50+ ranks- straight to the first page! In addition, Stephanie has been able to seamlessly adapt to our company's workflow while optimizing how we handle content creation, tagging, and search engine optimization. We highly recommend Stephanie for any SEO and content optimization needs.

Kristen Faiola

Sr. Manager, Customer Strategy & Fulfillment

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