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Studio Hallow

Simplicity and elegance are at the core of our approach. We believe in the ability of minimalistic branding and imagery to convey a strong message. By keeping the focus on the essential elements of your brand, we ensure that your visuals speak directly to your audience. Our goal is to ignite a deep emotional connection with your audience while preserving the essence of your values. We offer photography, brand design, web design, and content creation.

Our minimal approach and elegant imagery provide a canvas for our clients' visions to come alive in the most breathtaking way possible.

But we are more than just a brand-creating business; it is a way of life. Our values extend far beyond our work, shaping every aspect of our existence. From the clothes we wear and the interiors we surround ourselves with to the activities we embark on outside of the studio, we seek to cultivate a life steeped in beauty, serenity, luxury and warmth.

We find inspiration in the subtle details, it’s often the little moments that make life worth living. Whether it's wandering through art-filled museums or indulging in cheese and wine on a summer evening, we are captivated by the magic that surrounds us. This appreciation for life's simple pleasures permeates into our work, infusing every project with a sense of comfort and authenticity that sets us apart to live a life of quiet luxury.

About The Founder

Mariana Diaz


About Mariana Diaz

Hey there, I’m Mariana, the founder behind Studio Hallow. My goal is to help fellow business owners across the globe achieve their dreams and create the branding of their wildest imaginations. Drawing on my background in graphic design and photography, thanks to my double major at SCAD and Parsons , I possess the artistic vision and technical skills necessary to bring any brand to life though minimal design and elevated imagery.

My values are deeply rooted in the essence of quiet luxury, embracing the art of minimalism, the allure of elegance, the appreciation of beauty, the warmth of genuine connections, and the timeless power of simplicity. This not only applies to my brand but also my way of life.

Through Studio Hallow, I strive to provide entrepreneurs with the freedom and autonomy needed to build the lives they've always dreamed of. With each project I undertake, I ensure that every aspect of the design or photograph reflects the unique essence and mission of the business.


“Mariana is a highly talented and versatile photographer. She’s quick to return emails and deliverables, has a keen eye for details, and is passionate about her craft. She is professional in all her communication and delivers high quality images before the agreed upon deadline.”

Amy P

Senior Marketing Manager
She is so kind, professional, and diligent. Always makes time to go over things. Her style is amazing and stood out to me out of all the rest.

Anne B

Founder of Anne Book Event Design

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