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Inspired by the popular Alpine tradition of fresh whey drinking, Superfrau is a line of sparkling fresh whey drinks. Liquid whey is naturally loaded with B vitamins, electrolytes, & gut-beneficial acids.

Its slightly tart & sweet flavor profile is complemented with infusions of Cucumber Lime, Peach Mango, Pineapple Ginger, & Blueberry Lemonade.

Superfrau is on a mission to fight food waste & climate change by repurposing & upcycling the surplus nutrition in our supply chain.

About The Founder

Melissa Martinelli


About Melissa Martinelli

Melissa Martinelli founded Superfrau after trying a popular drink in the Austrian Alps that was incredibly refreshing, nutritious, and satisfying. When she learned the main ingredient-- fresh liquid whey-- was often wasted in the US cheese and yogurt manufacturing supply chains, yet naturally loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, she was inspired to empower others to join her in a mission to fight food waste and climate change while having fun and being healthy at the same time.

Melissa Martinelli


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"The Pineapple Ginger flavor is absolutely delicious!!! I love drinking this flavor in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up to give me some much needed energy. And also frequently as a mocktail (and sometimes cocktail) in the evening, too. It's such a yummy treat!"

Lindsay P.

"It's better than any other fizzy drink."


"Just like the can says, not too tart, not too sweet."


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