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About the Brand

Swelter Coffee Roasters

Swelter Coffee Roasters is committed to supporting female farmers and promoting sustainability. We source exceptional beans from women coffee producers around the globe, and invest in programs that help improve their livelihoods and economic resilience. Supporting female farmers also has a sustainability aspect — increasing their yields helps fulfill global demand for crops and decreases the need for deforestation. We also are launching the first-ever Zero Waste Coffee Club in 2022.

About The Founder

Stephanie Welter-Krause

Owner & Roaster

About Stephanie Welter-Krause

Stephanie Welter-Krause launched Swelter Coffee Roasters officially in 2020. A designer and mother by day, she's been developing her hobby of coffee roasting for many years. Her mission to support women coffee producers unites her love of coffee and passion for sustainability.

Stephanie Welter-Krause


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"I signed up for an Swelter Coffee subscription because the coffee is delicious and I really believe in the company's commitment to the farmer. I highly recommend this subscription for anybody who is thinking the farmer to the cup."


"Zero Waste Coffee Club member–What is my favorite day of the month/week?? Swelter Coffee Club delivery day!! The coffee is amazing, I get to support women near and far, I feel good about reducing my carbon impact, and the roast is perfect."


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