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About the Brand

The Candle Marketplace

THE CANDLE MARKETPLACE is a virtual storefront founded by Zero Waste Candles, a sustainable candle concept. Owner, Danielle reached out to her favorite artist to create a piece of art for a candle, which started a snowball of more artists wanting their own candle line. To give these creative candles the attention they deserve, The Candle Marketplace was born and extends the opportunity to like-minded artists + brands to develop another revenue stream and marketing opportunities with a candle line.

About The Founder

Danielle O'Connor

Founder & Owner

About Danielle O'Connor

Danielle O'Connor is the woman behind THE CANDLE MARKETPLACE. Coming from a traumatic childhood, and a ten-year career in the nightlife industry, Danielle grew tired of the long hours in a toxic atmosphere of loud, chaotic partying. She was looking for a change of direction that could support her on her healing journey and find more inner peace. Making Candles quickly became a therapeutic process that allowed her to find space for healing, slowing down, and enjoying the little moments of life.

Danielle O'Connor


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"TCM is so dedicated to their mission and their products that they are constantly evolving and improving their products and platform. The candles are so amazing, they are almost addictive. I always order more before my current candles run out!"


"Their partnerships with artists just adds to the allure and creativity of their products. I love that I am supporting an artist and a small business. I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!"


"Candles in mason jars with fun artwork, could it get any better?! I also love that they offer attachment lids to make reusing your candle jar so simple and fun! I turned mine into a cocktail shaker!"



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