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The Design Database

The Design Database is an online community and platform, designed to be a support system for artists, designers, and other Creatives, by connecting them with clients looking to hire new talent, as well as with fellow artists to build friendships, form collaborations, find inspiration and gain mentorship. We provide Creatives with a place to host AND sell their work, and our partners provide tools (i.e. podcasts, courses, expert advice, and drop-shipping services) to build their dream careers.

About The Founder

Courtlyn Jones

Founder & CEO

About Courtlyn Jones

Hi! I'm Courtlyn Jones. I'm a graphic designer and visual artist. I founded The Design Database because I understand the struggles of working in the creative industry firsthand and I wanted a solution. There's so much in the corporate world that doesn't make sense. Creatives RUN the world, yet we are constantly undervalued. I quit my "dream job" so that I can build my company and give fellow creative freelancers the support that we have always needed.

Courtlyn Jones


"I love that you don't take commission from the Creatives, which is how it SHOULD be, and I LOVE that you focus on the community aspect. Working as a freelancer can be lonely and having a support system is such a wonderful idea. Thank you!"

Gabi O.

Digital Designer
"When TDD first launched, I signed up as an Early Bird! I have extensive corporate experience in IT, HR, and Creative Communications; and I was immediately impressed with how Courtlyn handled technical platform roll-out, marketing, and supporting her new end-users. The platform itself is so robust. It’s packed with features to support end-to-end relationship building between freelancers and their clients. There’s so much careful thought in all aspects of it; so much design thinking."

Lori B.

Founder of Nine Planet Design
"It's a nice platform you've built. I started taking one of Jesse Showalter's courses after finding him through The Design Database and I've learned a lot. Thanks for introducing me to his videos. Also started using HoneyBook for my biz, so thanks for the promo code too!"

John C.

UI/UX Designer

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