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About the Brand

The Good Space

Many people struggle to make sense of self and spirit. They get disconnected from their inner life and aren't sure how to feel peace again. The Good Space shares its best ideas for emotional and spiritual wellbeing through weekly emails, mini email courses, and other digital products. They help you feel the simple moments again by making well-being actionable. Sign up now for their free weekly digests that prime you to have a great week with recommendations, podcasts, prompts, books, + more

About The Founder

Francesca Phillips

Founder & CEO

About Francesca Phillips

Many people feel overwhelmed trying to create stillness in their busy lives. Francesca Phillip's goal is to make it simple so you can enjoy a peaceful life now. She founded The Good Space to bridge the gap. She’s a writer and entrepreneur with a B.A. in Psychology. In her previous life, she worked in the music industry in Los Angeles before moving to Switzerland. Now based in New York City, she enjoys time in Central Park, reading books, and hanging with her husband. She also loves dogs 🐶

Francesca Phillips


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“I love reading your weekly Emails. They’re on topics I’m already familiar with; I love how you’re taking them deeper and adding your own twist. I need reminders all the time. The topics [help] exactly what I’m doing right now. Thanks for the validation!”

Tara D.

TGS Reader
"So happy this podcast exists! I have always appreciated the emphasis on intentional living, and thrilled they’ve branched out onto another platform. Each episode is packed full of knowledge and insight, and I always walk away feeling more focused and motivated!!"

Julie H.

TGS Podcast Listener
"This content is pure gold."

Thais V.

TGS Reader

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