The Green Queen B

About the Brand

The Green Queen B

We help the Earth Minded by curating high-quality goods from brands & small-batch makers who use ethical + fair trade + sustainable practices.

At The Green Queen B, you will find high-quality goods doing good for your unique style. Our decisions on products, brands & business practices are guided by our core values:

High Quality | Earth Minded | Social Good

We are on a mission of saving bees like our little Beatrice through our partnership with One Percent for the Planet.

About The Founder

Baillie Troskot

Founder & Owner

About Baillie Troskot

Baillie Troskot founded The Green Queen B to provide a space where consciously selected goods could come together. She actively seeks new ways to approach a more sustainable life & create a positive impact on Mother Earth. Baillie believes that by making simple changes, no matter how big or small, we can make a difference.

Whenever she has free time, Baillie enjoys spending time with her husband, biking or walking along the river, gardening or watching a good movie.


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"Super fast delivery and amazing packaging. You can tell that she has thought everything out, from her products to the cute tissue paper that she wraps the products in. The tape on the box even had cute bees on it."

Melanie Bishop

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