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The Metropolitan Players

The Metropolitan Players are a NYC-based wedding band collective with a mission to help make musical memories. Music is tied to memory, and shouldn’t be taken lightly when planning a wedding. People won’t remember the flowers, or the cake - they’ll remember how they felt. Drew & Erin created the band for their own wedding. Not only did they create the band out of everything they loved, they truly care about making each and every wedding just as beautiful, successful, and fun as their own.

About The Founder

Erin & Drew Coles

CEO & Manager

About Erin & Drew Coles

Drew and Erin Coles are the husband and wife team behind The Metropolitan Players. They created the band after they couldn’t find the perfect band for their own wedding. They were inspired by their mutual passion for music, expertise in business, and a true love for everything a wedding represents. They love being part of the celebration that brings two families together, and with every new couple, the Met Player family grows and new musical memories are made!

Erin & Drew Coles



"It’s been months since our wedding and we're still getting rave reviews of the band. Some claim it was the most fun wedding they’ve been to and we owe it all to the amazing musical performance that kept the dance floor rocking the entire night!"

Christa S.

"From the moment we first reached out to the band, Erin responded promptly with kindness, enthusiasm, and PERSONAL email responses. Erin truly made us feel like we weren't just a potential client but a friend who she truly cared about."

Emily & Bob

"Should you hire the Met Players for your wedding? Yes. I'm a musician myself, and I can tell you that everyone in the band is extremely talented. I've rarely seen a band read a crowd as well as the Metropolitan Players. The band’s performance was stellar."

Ryan M

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