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About the Brand

The MoMeMans

The MoMeMans are everything inside the mind of Monica Escobar Allen. Originally born from aimless meeting doodles, they could be...weird at first. But, she leaned right into that to celebrate their most distinguishing features! Based in Brooklyn, NY, she's on a mission to bring joy to parenting by finding the funny, sunny side with Poetry, Songs, Art, Baby Goods and Gifts for Grown-Up Kids. She invites you to laugh with, or even at, her enthusiasm to find meaning in the absurd. Because as long as everyone’s laughing, well, everyone’s laughing.

About The Founder

Monica Escobar Allen

Founder + Creative Director

About Monica Escobar Allen

A city-loving-writer-illustrator-music-maker-bread-

baker-goofball-turned-mama who lives in Brooklyn, NY

with her husband, daughter, and a lot of plants. She has a background in advertising and design and decided to go freelance after she doodled her way through meetings and felt compelled to give those doodles a life of their own. She calls them The MoMeMans®.

Monica Escobar Allen


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