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About the Brand


The New Savant is a modern scent studio located in Brooklyn, NY.

We blend high-end, original fragrances with approachable materials, to create something that looks good and smells better. TNS candles are meant to be burned and enjoyed. Our co-founder, Ingrid Nilsen, designs each fragrance.

We use domestic suppliers, vessels made from post-consumer waste, and minimal packaging materials. Our name honors the untraditional, self-made path in life. We are LGBTQIA+, women, and AAPI-owned.

About The Founder

Ingrid Nilsen + Erica Anderson

CCO/Maker (Ingrid) and CEO (Erica)

About Ingrid Nilsen + Erica Anderson

Ingrid Nilsen: Spent 10+ years as a YouTube creator where she built an inclusive space that encouraged self-acceptance and challenged cultural norms. Since retiring as a content creator in 2020, Ingrid has been reconnecting to her roots as a maker, crafting candles by hand, mixing scents, and building THE NEW SAVANT.

Erica: Erica is an entrepreneur who spent her early career in tech (Twitter, Google) working on the future of news. At TNS, Erica leads business, partnerships, and sales.

Ingrid Nilsen + Erica Anderson


"My sample set just arrived yesterday and I'm already back to purchase this candle in the full size because I couldn't stop thinking about it after I blew out the tea light last night! I don't have the most sensitive nose, the science of scent isn't exactly my wheelhouse, but this candle is divine. The scent has nuance and layers I can't describe. Will purchase again & again!"

Jordan W.

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