About the Brand

The Picnic Day

Mommy&me brand based in NY. Owned by a mom, we love kids and spending time with them- especially little kiddos! Our vision is to make parenthood and early childhood (literally) brighter and colorful while being gentle to Mother Earth.

About The Founder

Mai Akdeniz


About Mai Akdeniz

The Picnic Day was founded in 2021 by a New York mom Mai Akdeniz in her bedroom. With her background as a patternmaker, Mai would long to create some fun clothes to dress families while having mother earth and people's well-being in mind.

As the winner of the Sustainable Fashion Design Contest held in NY, Mai is committed to making her "sustainable" brand a playful thing: with up-cycled pieces made with fabric scraps, zero waste techniques, and the organic cotton line, the possibility is limitless!


Bryant Park Winter Village


November 14 - 27

11 am - 8pm daily


We are selected to be one of the 4 Small Business Spotlight vendors of the year and offered a popup booth right next to the fountain!


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