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This Stuff Goes Bad

Zero waste - Fair Trade - Organic

This Stuff Goes Bad because our skincare is as fresh as a newly ripe tomato, full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, that will make your skin shine all day and all night. Without preservatives or chemicals, there is only room for high quality, organic, and fair trade body butter goodness.

Slather on some DAY Body Butter in the morning to protect your skin from UV rays and toxins. At the end of the day, wind down with NIGHT Body Butter to relax and restore with cool chamomile and heavenly lavender.

Use your new body butter on your face, body, cuticles, even to moisturize the ends of your hair. Safe to use on all skin types, yet strong enough to last all day and all night long.

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About The Founder

Bonnie Schiffman

Founder and CEO

About Bonnie Schiffman

An Environmental Engineer turned Professional Dance Artist, there is nothing that Founder and CEO of This Stuff Goes Bad, Bonnie Schiffman, won't try. After ditching her engineering career to pursue her passion for dance, Bonnie kept her environmental science background close to heart, sticking with her sustainable practices and encouraging friends to do the same. After years of using her own homemade skincare products, she decided to perfect her body butter and turn it into a business. With the newfound time on hand due to the pandemic, Bonnie combined her creativity skills and her environmental science knowledge to create a new, fun, and sustainable skincare brand. Not only is the product made entirely of organic and fair trade ingredients, the packaging is all 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials. Even the labels are printed using sustainable ink!

Bonnie Schiffman


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I love this body butter! I have very dry skin in general and this lotion keeps me feeling soft and hydrated!! AND it feels awesome knowing that every single aspect of this product is made from all natural ingredients and recycled materials! Also I love the packaging, it's so cute! Must try!!!

Amy M

I have both the Day and Night and it has made a REVOLUTIONARY difference in how my skin feels. The night butter leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. The day butter gives me that refreshed feeling and smells AMAZING! Its a great product for any time of the year but especially these harsh dry winter in NY!

Meghan R.

ADDICTED!!! I recently relocated to the east coast and I gotta tell you, this stuff is no joke. It really hydrates you and smells amazing. AND if you have thick dry hair, try the night one in your hair, you won't be disappointed! It's ZERO WASTE, definitely a product I stand behind.

Shelley F.


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