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Urban Wanderlust

Founded in 2017, Urban Wanderlust is a Latina-owned artisan company in Long Island, NY. Inspired by memorable moments in travel from our Founder's life, we hope to invoke your olfactory senses with adventure & wander. Each candle is lovingly hand-poured and tested in small batches for quality & freshness. We use only the finest natural ingredients to create a clean & non-toxic experience that's safe for you and your household.

About The Founder

Judith Keriopoulos


About Judith Keriopoulos

Judith Keriopoulos is the woman behind all things URBAN WANDERLUST. After recent travels through Thailand & Costa Rica, she returned home w/ a desire to gift friends & family something more than just souvenirs. Judith felt inspired to transport everyone to all of the beautiful countries she had visited and what better way to capture these memories than in a candle! She quickly founded UW and within 4 years UW has grown from making candles in her kitchen to now having a dedicated candle studio!

Judith Keriopoulos


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"I'm totally addicted! This candle is SO AMAZING! It’s fragrant, but not not overpowering and it leaves your place smelling so so yummy ☺️"

Rebecca T.

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