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Voluptas Rose

Voluptas Rose is a small luxury lingerie company committed to creating comfortable, sexy pieces for women of all sizes. We believe that exceptional luxury should never be limited to certain shapes or sizes. Steadfast in our commitment for size equality, we reexamined lingerie addressing fit, comfort, and style for all. We currently have a range of 56 sizes and are looking to expand that number as we grow as a company. Our product is extremely high-end, made with luxurious, performance and flexible fabrics. Each piece was thoughtfully crafted to be supportive and comfortable for women with all different curves. The bras were individually made with unique support systems, and our wire-free pieces are said to be of the most comfortable on the market because of it. Our ateliers are based out of NYC, and LA. We are women owned and operated, and strive for both ethical, and environmentally sound production techniques.

In addition, we have started to grow our company into creating lifestyle products, including home-made organic, non-toxic massage bars and candles as a first step into the clean beauty world.

About The Founder

Victoria Gherardi

CEO, Founder & Designer

About Victoria Gherardi

Victoria is a 28-year old woman living in New York. Luxury lingerie was always a passion of hers, from drawing, designing, window shopping and wearing it (when she was lucky!). She always had a passion for art and design, and dreamed of designing her own lingerie line one day, but never took her idea seriously until about 2015. She had left her job managing stores for a large lifestyle company, and was taking some time to herself to travel around the world. One day, she found herself in a certain global lingerie brands’ flagship store in Italy, where she was trying on an extraordinary piece. Once she put it on, she realized that it clearly did not fit her. As she went to ask the associate for a larger size, she was told that they didn’t carry larger sizes but ‘not to worry, it looked good enough.’

It was there and then that she decided that this behavior and mentality was absolutely unacceptable. All women of all sizes should have access to luxurious, gorgeous pieces such as that one, and she knew she had to do something about it. She began studying even harder, researching and practicing how to start this new venture until she was ready to launch Voluptas Rose.

We hope that this brand really reaches all women, and know that if we can make even one person feel happier and more confident in their body because of our pieces, we will have done our job!

Victoria Gherardi


We Are Women Owned




It’s always so difficult for me to find a good bra for my big boobs. Especially one that doesn’t squeeze on my back fat. I’m usually a 34DD or 36D, but even so, no bra ever fits right. The founder, Victoria took the time to help me find the perfect fit (34E). It literally fits to PERFECTION. It is SO comfortable and SO sexy- how rare it is to find both. My partner’s jaw literally dropped. Neither of us have ever seen a bra fit so well. I would make sheets out of the fabric if I could.


I could not believe that a gorgeous bra like this could be so comfy. I always struggle with sizing but this fits like a glove. I love that it can be worn under a t-shirt, a LBD, and anything in between!


I have searched far and wide for a comfortable supportive plus size bralette and this is THE best one on the market! The craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable, and the fit is beyond all measure. I wear a 36H, which is difficult to find from any lingerie company, and finding one that is this comfortable is nearly impossible. I am so happy to have found Voluptas Rose


I love that Voluptas Rose offers sexy lingerie available in plus sizes. They are ethically made lingerie made in America. I got a 32g bra, and it fits amazing. You can tell how much care went in to making all the products. They have the best support bra for full figured bodies and everything in between.



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