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You Need {ther • happy}

You Need{ther • happy} produces handmade therapeutic products called theramists.

The first product, Calm the F*ck Down, was originally made as an added tool for Natalie's postpartum Private Pilates clients to accompany their physical rehabilitation.

One day, a client messaged Natalie after using it and said, “This really should be called, ‘Calm The F*ck Down!’” So, we renamed it, repackaged it, and, well - now it’s f*cking perfect.

About The Founder

Natalie Garay


About Natalie Garay

Natalie is a maker and mama to 3 teenage daughters. She started You Need {ther • happy} after seeing first-hand how calming mists can improve our physical and mental health.

Using Flower Essence therapy in her Pilates studio, she helped mamas rehabilitate their mind and body after childbirth and C-section surgery. She began making calming mists for her clients to complement the Pilates work and help moms to reduce stress and anxiety, and the response was incredible.

Natalie Garay


Mists & Mimosas




Join us for a fun afternoon of shopping, mists, mimosas & nibbles.


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"I have been buying this mist for a long time from Natalie. I use it in every room of my house whenever I need calm. I tried to recreate it myself and could not. It is worth every penny. THIS SCENT IS AMAZING."


"I need it in a roll-on as a perfume, in a candle form and as a chapstick! Absolutely love this spray. RISE UP"

Amy McKay

Love "Rise"! It creates a shift in how my day starts. It's like a morning toner before heading out te door. Lightly and refreshingly fragranced. No headaches! ❤️"


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